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Presented at the

Topical Meeting of Fusion Energy (TOFE) or the ANS Annual Conference

Monetary Award



The Fusion Energy Division Outstanding Achievement Award recognizes individuals with a continued history of exemplary achievement requiring professional excellence and leadership of a high caliber in the fusion science and engineering area. The purpose of this award is to promote to others that the ANS Fusion Energy Division encourages such technical accomplishment and recognizes its importance to fusion.

The award consists of an engraved plaque or an object of ornamental or useful type with intrinsic value . The award is presented at Topical Meeting of Fusion Energy (TOFE) or the ANS Annual Conference.

Nominees must be an ANS member, in the Fusion Energy Division, and must be living at the time of award selection. Specific criteria include:

  • Emphasis is on a history of achievement in advancing the technological development of fusion.
  • Emphasis is on a continued series of contributions to fusion science and engineering however those contributions are made.
  • Contributions to be measured as recognized by others in the field.


The FED Outstanding Achievement Award was established in 1977 as a Division-Administered award by the ANS Fusion Energy Division.

Selection Method

Nominations are solicited through a bi-annual announcement in ANS publications and independent efforts of the Fusion Energy Division and through the channels of the Fusion Energy Division Topical Meeting on Fusion Energy (TOFE).

  • Nominations can be made by anyone at any time to the FED Honors and Awards Committee Chair
  • The FED Honors and Awards Committee will evaluate the information, gather additional information if necessary, and may actively search for additional nominations.
  • A decision is made whether an award will be given to any nominees in a specific year.
  • Nominees’ achievements not receiving an award will be re-evaluated for the next three years.

Nominations must include the completed nomination form accompanied by the following supporting documents:

  • A letter of recommendation from the nominator including a description of the exemplary achievements.
  • List of publications
  • A brief chronological resume/CV
  • Letters of support (a minimum of two, no more than five, including the nominator's letter).

Nomination forms and supporting documents (in Word or Adobe Acrobat) should be emailed to Jake Blanchard at and cc'd to

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