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Nonreactor Nuclear Facilities Consensus Committee (NRNFCC)

The NRNFCC is responsible for the preparation and maintenance of voluntary consensus standards for the safety analysis, design, maintenance, operator selection and training, and quality requirements for nonreactor nuclear facilities including facilities using radioactive isotopes, remote handling of radioactive materials, fuel processing, mixed oxide fuel processing and other fuel cycle facilities other than spent fuel handling and storage. The ANS Standards Committee Procedures Manual for Consensus Committees shall be used to guide the activities of this consensus committee.

NRNFCC Membership Roster

James O'Brien (Chair), U.S. Department of Energy
Jeffery R. Brault (Vice Chair), Individual
Todd M. Anselmi, Enercon Services, Inc.
Robert A. Bari, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Lawrence J. Berg, U.S. Department of Energy
Robert G. Eble, Individual
Mukesh K. Gupta, AECOM N&E Technical Services, LLC
Hash Hashemian, AMS Corporation
Gerald E. Hicks, Individual
Roman Kazban, Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board
Margie Kotzalas, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Charles Martin, Longenecker & Associates, Inc.
Herbert W. Massie, Jr., Individual
Carl A. Mazzola, Project Enhancement Corporation
Mohammed Modarres, University of Maryland
Paul B. Rogerson, Bechtel National Inc.

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