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Large Light Water Reactor Consensus Committee (LLWRCC)

The LLWRCC is responsible for the preparation and maintenance of voluntary consensus standards for the design, operation, maintenance, operator selection and training, and quality requirements for current operating nuclear power plants and future nuclear power plants that employ large station light water moderated, water-cooled reactors. The standards include the reactor island, balance of plant, and other systems within the plant boundary that affect safety and operations. The ANS Standards Committee Procedures Manual for Consensus Committees shall be used to guide the activities of this consensus committee.

The LLWRCC oversees the following 4 subcommittees:

  • Emergency Planning & Response
  • Light Water Reactor & Reactor Auxiliary Systems Designs
  • Power Generation & Plant Support Systems
  • Simulators, Instrumentation, Control Systems, Software & Testing

LLWRCC Membership Roster

C.E. (Gene) Carpenter (Chair), U.S. Department of Energy
William B. Reuland (Vice Chair), Individual
Robert Becse, Westinghouse Electric Company, LLC
Robert J. Burg, Engineering Planning & Management, Inc.
Mark Colby, Global Nuclear Fuel
James B. Florence, Nebraska Public Power District
Michelle French, WECTEC
Darrell Gardner, Kairos Power
Steven W. Gebers, Quantum Nuclear Services
James P. Glover, Graftel, Inc.
Pranab K. Guha, U.S. Department of Energy
Earnestine Johnson-Turnipseed, Entergy Corporation
Mark A. Linn, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Evan M. Lloyd, Exitech Corporation
Ronald Markovich, Contingency Management Consulting
Timothy K. Meneely, Westinghouse Electric Company, LLC
Charles H. Moseley, Jr., ASME NQA Liaison
Stephen D. Routh, Bechtel Power Corporation
Steven L. Stamm, Individual

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