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ANS/ASME Joint Committee on Nuclear Risk Management (JCNRM)

The JCNRM Consensus Committee is responsible for the preparation and maintenance of voluntary consensus standards that establish safety and risk criteria and methods for completion of probabilistic risk analysis (PRA) and risk assessments. Additional related standards activities may be performed as upon concurrence of the ANS Standards Board and the ASME Standards & Certification Board. These criteria and methods are applicable to design, development, construction, operation, decontamination, decommissioning, waste management, and environmental restoration for nuclear facilities. Activities of the consensus committee shall be guided by the Procedures for ASME Codes and Standards Development Committees but shall also meet the intent of ANS Standards Committee Procedures Manual for Consensus Committees unless specifically authorized by the ANS Standards Board.

The JCNRM oversees the following 3 subcommittees:

- Subcommittee on Standards Maintenance (SC-SM)

- Subcommittee on Standards Development (SC-SD)

- Subcommittee on Risk Applications (SCoRA)

Volunteer placement is management by ASME. Individuals interested in JCNRM standards projects may contact for information.

JCNRM Membership Roster

Robert J. Budnitz (Chair), Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
C. Rick Grantom (Chair), Individual
Dennis W. Henneke (Vice Chair), General Electric
Pamela F. Nelson (Vice Chair), National Autonomous University of Mexico
Paul J. Amico, JENSEN HUGHES, Inc.
Victoria K. Anderson, Nuclear Energy Institute
George E. Apostolakis, Individual
Michelle Bensi, University of Maryland
Sidney Bernsen (Contributing Member), Individual
Sarah Bristol, Nuscale Power, LLC
James R. Chapman (Contributing Member), Individual
Gary M. Demoss, Public Service Enterprise Group
Matthew R. Denman, Kairos Power
Fred Dermarkar (Contributing Member), CANDU Owners Group
Fernando Ferrante, Electric Power Research Institute
Raymond K. Fine, FirstEnergy Nuclear Operating Company
Karl N. Fleming, Individual
Anders Gilbertson, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
David Grabaskas, Argonne National Laboratory
H. Alan Hackerott, Individual
Jordan E. Hagaman (Alternate), Kairos Power
Thomas G. Hook, Arizona Public Service
Eugene A. Hughes (Contributing Member), Entranco, Inc.
Jodine Jansen Vehec, Holtec-SMR
Diane M. Jones, Enercon Services, Inc.
Gerry W. Kindred, Tennessee Valley Authority
Kenneth L. Kiper (Contributing Member), Westinghouse Electric Company
Shigeo Kojima (Contributing Member), Individual
N. Reed Labarge (Alternate), Westinghouse Electric Co., LLC
Jeffrey Leary (Alternate), Enercon Services
Stanley H. Levinson, Individual
Roy R. Linthicum, Pressurized Water Reactor Owners Group (Exelon Corporation)
Andrea Maioli, Westinghouse, Electric Co., LLC
James O'Brien, U.S. Department of Energy
Shahen Poghosyan (Contributing Member), International Atomic Energy Agency
Mayasandra K. Ravindra, Individual
Robert L. Rishel, Duke Energy
Martin B. Sattison, Individual
Raymond E. Schneider, Westinghouse Electric Co., LLC
Cornelia Spitzer (Contributing Member), International Atomic Energy Agency
Jeffrey L. Stone, Exelon Corporation
Ian B. Wall, Individual

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