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Development of Passive Shutdown System for SFR

Shigeyuki Nakanishi, Takusaburo Hosoya, Shigenobu Kubo, Shoji Kotake, Misao Takamatsu, Takafumi Aoyama, Iwao Ikarimoto, Jungo Kato, Yoshio Shimakawa, Kiyoshi Harada

Nuclear Technology / Volume 170 / Number 1 / April 2010 / Pages 181-188

Technical Paper / Special Issue on the 2008 International Congress on Advances in Nuclear Power Plants / Nuclear Plant Operations and Control /

A sodium-cooled fast reactor (SFR) self-actuated shutdown system (SASS) is a passive safety feature by which control rods are inserted by gravity force and the rods would be detached by a rise in coolant temperature under anticipated transient without scram (ATWS) conditions. Various out-of-pile tests have already been carried out to investigate the basic characteristics of SASS, and a demonstration test of the holding stability under reactor operation conditions has been performed, where a function test of the driving system to reconnect and pull out the control rod has been done in the experimental reactor JOYO. Element irradiation tests have also been conducted to confirm that there is no impact from irradiation. The effectiveness of SASS for the reference core design of the Japan SFR (JSFR) has been evaluated through all ATWS types. As a result, it is ensured that JSFR will have a reliable passive shutdown system.

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