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CIS: A GUI-Based Software System for Monte Carlo Simulation of Compton Camera

Se Hyung Lee, Hee Seo, Jin Hyung Park, Sung Ho Park, Jae Sung Lee, Ju Hahn Lee, Chun Sik Lee, Chan Hyeong Kim

Nuclear Technology / Volume 168 / Number 1 / October 2009 / Pages 55-60

Detectors / Special Issue on the 11th International Conference on Radiation Shielding and the 15th Topical Meeting of the Radiation Protection and Shielding Division (Part 1) / Radiation Measurements and Instrumentation /

In the present study, a Compton camera simulator based on the GEANT4 detector simulation tool kit and MATLABTM, and designated the Compton Imaging Simulator (CIS), was developed. The software system encompasses a simulator, an image-reconstruction algorithm, and a data analysis tool. The computational time to obtain a sufficient number of Compton scattered data was dramatically reduced using the source-biasing and exponential transform techniques. Also, a four-dimensional Monte Carlo simulation capability was incorporated. A comparison of the simulation results with the experimental results shows that the CIS accurately simulates the Compton camera.

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