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Synthesis of Hydrocarbon Fuels Using Renewable and Nuclear Energy

Ken Schultz, S. Locke Bogart, Richard P. Noceti, Anthony V. Cugini

Nuclear Technology / Volume 166 / Number 1 / April 2009 / Pages 56-63

Technical Paper / Special Issue on Nuclear Hydrogen Production, Control, and Management /

In light of the current issues of carbon control and the desire to become less dependent on imported oil, we propose to apply non-carbon-based energy supplies (renewables and nuclear) to reduction of CO2 emissions and production of liquid synthetic fuels. To this end we have performed technical and economic analyses of systems ranging from hydrogen augmentation of coal-to-liquids processes, through the use of coal power plant CO2, to the extraction of atmospheric CO2 for the production of synthetic fuels. This paper emphasizes the use of nuclear power to provide the hydrogen and energy needed for utilization of coal power plant CO2 and points toward the closure of the carbon cycle by the ultimate use of atmospheric CO2.

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