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Development of a Pragmatic Approach to Model Input Uncertainty Quantification for BEPU Applications

Jinzhao Zhang, Adrien Dethioux, Andriy Kovtonyuk, Christophe Schneidesch

Nuclear Technology / Volume 205 / Number 1-2 / January-February 2019 / Pages 140-152

Technical Paper /

Received:April 20, 2018
Accepted:August 22, 2018
Published:December 12, 2018

In the framework of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development/Nuclear Energy Agency PREMIUM [Post-BEMUSE (Best-Estimate Methods Uncertainty and Sensitivity Evaluation) REflood Model Input Uncertainty Methods] benchmark (2012–2015), Tractebel has contributed to the development and the proof-of-concept application of a sampling-based inverse uncertainty quantification (IUQ) approach with the DAKOTA statistical uncertainty and sensitivity analysis tool. This IUQ approach has been applied to quantify the RELAP5/MOD3.3 reflood-related model input uncertainties, based on selected reflood tests [FEBA (Flooding Experiments with Blocked Arrays) and PERICLES]. This paper presents the Tractebel IUQ approach as well as the results of applications to the PREMIUM benchmark. Lessons learned and perspectives for future development are also discussed.

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