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Actinide Recovery Experiments with Bench-Scale Liquid Cadmium Cathode in Real Fission Product-Laden Molten Salt

Shelly X. Li, S. D. Herrmann, K. M. Goff, M. F. Simpson, R. W. Benedict

Nuclear Technology / Volume 165 / Number 2 / February 2009 / Pages 190-199

Technical Paper / Reprocessing /

This article summarizes the observations and analytical results from a series of bench-scale liquid cadmium cathode experiments that recovered transuranic elements together with uranium from a molten electrolyte laden with real fission products. Variable parameters such as the ratio of Pu3+/U3+ in the electrolyte, liquid cadmium cathode voltage, and feed materials were tested in the liquid cadmium cathode experiments. Actinide recovery efficiency and Pu/U ratio in the liquid cadmium cathode product under variable conditions are reported in this paper. Separation factors for actinides and rare earth elements in the molten LiCl-KCl/cadmium system are also presented.

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