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A Benchmark System for Comparing Reliability Modeling Approaches for Digital Instrumentation and Control Systems

Jason Kirschenbaum, Paolo Bucci, Michael Stovsky, Diego Mandelli, Tunc Aldemir, Michael Yau, Sergio Guarro, Eylem Ekici, Steven A. Arndt

Nuclear Technology / Volume 165 / Number 1 / January 2009 / Pages 53-95

Technical Paper / Nuclear Plant Operations and Control /

There is an accelerating trend to upgrade and replace nuclear power plant analog instrumentation and control systems with digital systems. While various methodologies are available for the reliability modeling of these systems for plant probabilistic risk assessments, there is no benchmark system that can be used as the basis for methodology comparison. A system representative of the steam generator feedwater control systems in pressurized water reactors is proposed for such a comparison. Dynamic reliability modeling of the benchmark system for an example initiating event is illustrated using the Markov/cell-to-cell mapping technique and dynamic flowgraph methodologies.

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