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Heat Transfer for Subcooled Flow Boiling in Hypervapotron Configuration

Peipei Chen, Wen Wu, Barclay G. Jones, Ty A. Newell

Nuclear Technology / Volume 164 / Number 1 / October 2008 / Pages 89-96

Technical Paper / Icapp '06 /

This work reports on experimental studies that examine subcooled boiling on the enhanced heat transfer surface of hypervapotron structures. The use of simulant fluid (refrigerant R134a) instead of prototypic water allows examination of a full range of subcooled boiling, including up to critical heat flux (CHF). The experimental results are compared to Bjorge's model and Kandlikar's heat transfer correlation in the subcooled boiling region. It is found that the fully developed boiling curve has a slope relation of ~2.96(q'' [similar] Tsat2.96), which shows good agreement with Bjorge's correlation for flat surface channels. In addition, Kandlikar's correlation is also able to predict the heat transfer coefficient for the range from net vapor generation to the fully developed boiling region with acceptable accuracy. However, the heat transfer curve shows a significant deviation when subcooled boiling approaches CHF.

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