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Real-Time Measurement of Material Elastic Properties in a High Gamma Irradiation Environment

R. S. Schley, K. L. Telschow, J. B. Walter, D. L. Cottle

Nuclear Technology / Volume 159 / Number 2 / August 2007 / Pages 202-207

Technical Paper / Materials for Nuclear Systems /

This paper describes the first noncontact elastic vibration measurements of an object in a high gamma radiation field. Using a laser-coupled resonant ultrasound technique, the vibration modes of an Inconel hollow capped cylinder were measured as the gamma radiation field was increased to 104 Gy/h. This measurement technique allowed shifts in the resonant frequency of the sample's vibration modes to be tracked over a 170-h period. The vibration mode frequencies changed in a manner consistent with the temperature dependence of the elastic stiffness coefficients of the material. These results demonstrate the efficacy of the laser approach for real-time resonant ultrasound measurements in this severely hostile nuclear environment.

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