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A Numerical Model Without Truncation Error for a Steady-State Analysis of a Once-Through Steam Generator

Yoon Sub Sim, Eui Kwang Kim, Jae Hyuk Eoh

Nuclear Technology / Volume 150 / Number 3 / June 2005 / Pages 315-324

Technical Note / Thermal Hydraulics /

To overcome the drawbacks of conventional schemes for a numerical analysis of a steam generator (SG), an efficient numerical model has been developed to analyze the steady state of a once-through-type SG where the feedwater is heated to superheated steam. In the developed model, the temperature and enthalpy are defined at the boundary of a calculation cell, and the exact solutions for the temperature distribution in a calculation cell are utilized. This feature of the developed model frees calculation from the undesirable effects of numerical diffusion, and only a small number of nodes are required. Also, the developed model removes the ambiguity from the parameter values at the inlet and exit of a calculation.

The BoSupSG-SS computer code was developed by using the analysis model, and it performed well with only three calculation nodes to analyze a superheated SG. The developed model can be effectively used for the cases where a fast one-dimensional calculation is required such as an SG or system design analysis.

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