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Design and Validation of Optimized Feedforward with Robust Feedback Control of a Nuclear Reactor

Roman Shaffer, Weidong He, Robert M. Edwards

Nuclear Technology / Volume 147 / Number 2 / August 2004 / Pages 240-257

Technical Paper / Nuclear Plant Operations and Control /

Design applications for robust feedback and optimized feedforward control, with confirming results from experiments conducted on the Pennsylvania State University TRIGA reactor, are presented. The combination of feedforward and feedback control techniques complement each other in that robust control offers guaranteed closed-loop stability in the presence of uncertainties, and optimized feedforward offers an approach to achieving performance that is sometimes limited by overly conservative robust feedback control. The design approach taken in this work combines these techniques by first designing robust feedback control. Alternative methods for specifying a low-order linear model and uncertainty specifications, while seeking as much performance as possible, are discussed and evaluated. To achieve desired performance characteristics, the optimized feedforward control is then computed by using the nominal nonlinear plant model that incorporates the robust feedback control.

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