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Irradiation Behavior of Thoria-Urania Fuel in a PWR

Chan Bock Lee, Yong Sik Yang, Young Min Kim, Dae Ho Kim, Youn Ho Jung

Nuclear Technology / Volume 147 / Number 1 / July 2004 / Pages 140-148

Technical Paper / Thoria-Urania NERI /

A thoria-urania (ThO2-UO2) fuel performance analysis code was developed by adding performance models and material properties correlations for thoria-urania fuel to a UO2 fuel performance analysis code, and its prediction capability was validated by comparison with thoria-urania fuel irradiation test data. Analysis of the ThO2-UO2 fuel performance in a typical pressurized water reactor showed that it could be irradiated up to a burnup of 70 to 100 MWd/kg heavy metal by optimizing the fuel rod design, and the overall irradiation performance of the ThO2-UO2 fuel would be somewhat better than for UO2 fuel.

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