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On the Response of Ionic Crystals to Irradiation

Dilpuneet Aidhy, Dieter Wolf

Nuclear Technology / Volume 182 / Number 2 / May 2013 / Pages 138-144

Technical Paper / Special Issue on the Symposium on Radiation Effects in Ceramic Oxide and Novel LWR Fuels / Fuel Cycle and Management /

We use molecular dynamics simulations to study the irradiation-induced point-defect clustering kinetics in CeO2 as a surrogate for UO2, the most widely used nuclear fuel. Remarkably, the cluster-formation mechanism involves a partial self-healing response of the perfect crystal to the radiation-induced defects, by spontaneous creation of new point defects with negative formation energy. These "structural" defects neutralize the cluster by screening its long-range Coulomb potential, thereby localizing the damage. The observation of a similar lattice response in MgO and UO2, in spite of very different types of clusters involved, suggests that this partial self-healing screening behavior may be intrinsic to all ionic crystals.

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