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The Behavior of Radiolytically Produced Hydrogen in a High-Level Liquid Waste Tank of a Reprocessing Plant: Hydrogen Concentration Under Gamma Irradiation of the Simulated Solution

Takashi Kodama, Masanao Nakano, Kunio Fujita, Shingo Matsuoka, Yasuo Ito, Chihiro Matsuura, Hirotsugu Shiraishi, Yousuke Katsumura

Nuclear Technology / Volume 180 / Number 1 / October 2012 / Pages 103-110

Technical Paper / Reprocessing /

Simulated high-level liquid waste was irradiated by 60Co gamma radiation, and changes in the gas-phase concentrations of the products H2, O2, and NOx that accumulated in the absence of sweeping air were measured. The H2 concentration reached a steady-state value of much less than 4% in line with the value predicted from the previously derived mathematical expression. The simulated dissolver solution was also irradiated, and another steady-state H2 concentration of much less than 4% was obtained in accordance with the corresponding predicted value. These experimental results lend strong support for the applicability of a mathematical expression in predicting the H2 concentration in a tank in the case of a sweeping-air function loss.

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