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Applying the GIF PR&PP Methodology for a Qualitative Analysis of a Misuse Scenario in a Notional Generation IV Example Sodium Fast Reactor

Giacomo G. M. Cojazzi, Guido Renda, Jor Shan Choi, Jim Hassberger

Nuclear Technology / Volume 179 / Number 1 / July 2012 / Pages 76-90

Technical Paper / Special Issue on Safeguards / Fuel Cycle and Management /

The Generation IV International Forum (GIF) Proliferation Resistance and Physical Protection (PR&PP) Working Group has developed a methodology for the PR&PP evaluation of advanced nuclear energy systems (NESs). A notional sodium-cooled fast neutron nuclear reactor system, named the Example Sodium Fast Reactor (ESFR), was used as a case study for the development and demonstration of the GIF PR&PP evaluation methodology. This paper presents some of the results of the application of the GIF PR&PP evaluation methodology to a misuse scenario involving the ESFR. The ESFR baseline design and two design variations are addressed. Rather than presenting a complete evaluation of all the possible misuse scenarios, the paper concentrates on methodological aspects and illustrates how a qualitative analysis following the GIF PR&PP evaluation methodology can generate traceable results of the considered design variations and provide useful feedback for both system and safeguards designers as well.

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