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Summary of the Sulfur-Iodine Process Integrated Laboratory-Scale Experiment

Benjamin Russ, Robert Buckingham, Lloyd Brown, Robert Moore, Max Helie, Philippe Carle, Nicolas Pons, Denis Ode, Jean Duhamet, Jean Leybros

Nuclear Technology / Volume 178 / Number 1 / April 2012 / Pages 94-110

Technical Paper / Safety and Technology of Nuclear Hydrogen Production, Control, and Management / Nuclear Hydrogen Production /

As part of the International Nuclear Energy Research Initiative project supported by the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Nuclear Energy, a collaborative team including Sandia National Laboratories, the Commissariat à l'Énergie Atomique in France, and industrial partner General Atomics constructed and operated a closed-loop system for demonstration of hydrogen production by the sulfur-iodine (S-I) process. The Integrated Laboratory-Scale experiment was conducted at General Atomics' San Diego facility. This paper will summarize project goals, results of the program, key challenges identified for the S-I process, and the lessons learned.

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