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Surface and Volume Integrals of Uncollided Adjoint Fluxes and Forward-Adjoint Flux Products

Jeffrey A. Favorite, Keith C. Bledsoe, David I. Ketcheson

Nuclear Science and Engineering / Volume 163 / Number 1 / September 2009 / Pages 73-84

Technical Paper /

Ray analysis techniques are standard for computing the uncollided component of a detector response to radiation. In this paper, uncollided adjoint flux integrals and forward-adjoint inner product integrals in volumes and on surfaces are derived for general geometries. In numerical test problems using a one-dimensional sphere and a two-dimensional (r-z) cylinder, deterministic and stochastic evaluations of the integrals yielded the same results. A semianalytic benchmark for the adjoint flux integral on a cylindrical surface is also used.

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