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A Simple and Practical Correction Technique for Reactivity Worth of Short-Sized Samples Measured by Critical-Water-Level Method

Yasunori Kitamura, Masahiro Fukushima

Nuclear Science and Engineering / Volume 186 / Number 2 / May 2017 / Pages 168-179

Technical Paper /

First Online Publication:May 11, 2017

An inconsistency between the reactivity worth of short-sized samples measured by the critical-water-level (CWL) method and that conventionally analyzed for validating nuclear data and nuclear calculation methods has been known. The present study investigated this inconsistency in terms of a simple theoretical framework and proposed a simple and practical technique for correcting the measured sample reactivity worth without making supplementary experiments. A series of Monte Carlo calculations that simulated typical sample reactivity worth measurement by the CWL method showed that this inconsistency is effectively reduced by the present correction technique.

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