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Pulsed Neutron Source Measurements in the BRAHMMA Accelerator-Driven Subcritical System

Tushar Roy, Nirmal Ray, Shefali Bajpai, Tarun Patel, Mayank Shukla, Yogesh Kashyap, Amar Sinha, S. C. Gadkari

Nuclear Science and Engineering / Volume 184 / Number 4 / December 2016 / Pages 584-590

Technical Paper /

First Online Publication:October 27, 2016
Updated:December 7, 2016

The use of accelerator-driven systems for incineration of nuclear waste and energy production requires monitoring of different parameters that govern reactor safety. One of the most important parameters is the multiplication factor keff . The present paper describes the results of experiments carried out on a subcritical system (BRAHMMA) using a pulsed neutron source. The value of the multiplication factor keff obtained from time responses of the core that were measured in situ using neutron detectors after insertion of a neutron pulse matches well with the calculated value.

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