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Plasma Temperature Inference From Deuterium-Tritium/Deuterium-Deuterium Neutron Discrimination

J. I. Katz

Nuclear Science and Engineering / Volume 180 / Number 1 / May 2015 / Pages 117-122

Technical Note /

First Online Publication:February 16, 2015
Updated:April 27, 2015

Deuterium-deuterium and deuterium-tritium reaction rates may be compared to determine plasma temperatures in the 10- to 200-eV range. Distinguishing neutrons from these two reactions is difficult when yields are low or unpredictable. Time-of-flight (TOF) methods fail if the source is extended in time. These neutrons may be distinguished because inelastic scattering of more energetic neutrons by carbon produces a 4.44-MeV gamma ray and because hydrogenous material preferentially attenuates lower-energy neutrons. We describe a detector system that can discriminate between lower- and higher-energy neutrons for fluences as low as O(102)  neutrons per sterad even when TOF methods fail, define a figure of merit, and calculate its performance over a broad range of parameters.

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