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The 59Co( n,xα) Reaction from 5 to 50 MeV

S. M. Grimes, C. E. Brient, F. B. Bateman, M. B. Chadwick, R. C. Haight, T. M. Lee‚ S. M. Sterbenz, P. G. Young F. C. Goeckner, O. A. Wasson, H. Vonach

Nuclear Science and Engineering / Volume 124 / Number 2 / October 1996 / Pages 271-279

Technical Paper /

Alpha-particle production cross sections and spectra produced by neutron bombardment of 59Co are measured at 30, 60, 90, and 135 deg over the neutron energy range from 5 to 50 MeV. A source of neutrons continuous in energy is provided by the Los Alamos Weapons Nuclear Research Facility spallation neutron source facility. Comparison of the measurements with results of calculations including sequential reaction Hauser-Feshbach calculations and pre-equilibrium processes indicates that the majority of the alpha particles result from compound nuclear reactions. The degree of agreement of calculation with experimental data for the cross section as a function of neutron energy and on the alpha-particle emission spectra depends on the selection of nuclear level densities and optical model parameters.