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Helium Production by 9.85-MeV Neutrons in Elemental Iron, Nickel, and Copper and in 56Fe and 58,60,61ni

R. C. Haight, D. W. Kneff, B. M. Oliver, L. R. Greenwood, H. Vonach

Nuclear Science and Engineering / Volume 124 / Number 2 / October 1996 / Pages 219-227

Technical Paper /

Helium production cross sections for the elements iron, nickel, and copper and for the isotopes 56Fe, S8Ni, 60Ni, and 61Nifor 9.85-MeV neutrons have been measured by irradiation with an intense, quasi-monoenergetic neutron source followed by helium analysis with isotope dilution gas mass spectrometry. The results are in fair agreement with (n,α) cross sections measured by alpha-particle detection and integration over the alpha-particle energies and angular distributions.