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Determination of Neutron Scattering Cross Sections with High Precision at PTB in the Energy Region 8 to 14 MeV

D. Schmidt

Nuclear Science and Engineering / Volume 160 / Number 3 / November 2008 / Pages 349-362

Technical Paper /

Neutron scattering cross sections were determined experimentally for more than ten elements in the energy region between 8 and 14 MeV. Comprehensive measuring and data analysis methods were elaborated to obtain cross sections with the highest precision presently possible. The experimental procedure was extended in such a way that cross sections of the complete neutron emission spectrum ranging down to the energy of 1.5 MeV could be derived, thus overcoming the problems usually arising when a nonmonoenergetic neutron source is applied. Typical results are selected for discussion and comparison with the results of other authors and with results taken from several libraries of evaluated neutron data.

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