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Theoretical Calculations of n + 232,234,236,238,240U Reaction Cross Sections

Yinlu Han

Nuclear Science and Engineering / Volume 158 / Number 1 / January 2008 / Pages 78-87

Technical Paper /

Consistent calculation and analysis of neutron scattering data of 232,234,236,238,240U with a spherical optical model, the unified Hauser-Feshbach theory and the exciton model, the linear angular momentum-dependent exciton state density model, and the coupled channel theory are carried above the resolved resonance range and below 20 MeV based on the experimental data of total, nonelastic-scattering, fission, and other reaction cross sections and elastic-scattering angular distributions. Theoretical calculations are compared with experimental data and other evaluated data from ENDF/B-VII and JENDL-3.3.

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