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Discrete Gamma Radiation in Interaction of 14.9-MeV Neutrons with Natural Copper

Hongyu Zhou, Fuguo Deng, Xiaoji Ding, Ming Hua, Qiaoge Zhu, Chao Wang, Qiang Zhao, Guoying Fan

Nuclear Science and Engineering / Volume 157 / Number 3 / November 2007 / Pages 354-367

Technical Note /

The discrete gamma radiation in the interaction of 14.9-MeV neutrons and a natural copper sample is investigated with the total gamma radiation measurement technique. One hundred seven prompt gamma rays, which come mainly from the reactions (n,n'), (n,2n), (n,np), (n,d), (n,p) and (n,) of 63Cu and 65Cu, are identified by a high-resolution gamma-ray analysis code. According to the systematic knowledge of 14.9-MeV neutron-induced 63,65Cu(n,x) reactions, nine final nuclei are identified, and 139 possible transitions are designated. The differential elemental production cross sections of 107 gamma lines at 90 deg and 79 gamma lines at 55 deg are determined. The nine integral isotopic cross sections of 11 reaction channels including 63Cu(n,n')63Cu, 63Cu(n,2n)62Cu, 63Cu[(n,np) + (n,d)]62Ni, 63Cu(n,p)63Ni, 63Cu(n,)60Co, 65Cu(n,n')65Cu, 65Cu(n,2n)64Cu, 65Cu[(n,np) + (n,d)]64Ni, and 65Cu(n,p)65Ni are also obtained. The present results are in good agreement with some recent experimental and evaluated results.

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