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Calculation and Analysis of n + 180,182,183,184,186,natW Reactions in the En 250 MeV Energy Range

Yinlu Han, Yuyang Shi, Zhengjun Zhang

Nuclear Science and Engineering / Volume 157 / Number 1 / September 2007 / Pages 78-94

Technical Paper /

According to the experimental data of total, nonelastic scattering cross sections and elastic scattering angular distributions of tungsten and its isotopes, a set of neutron optical model potential parameters is obtained. All of the reaction cross sections, angular distributions, energy spectra, -ray production cross sections, -ray production energy spectra, and the double-differential cross section for neutron, proton, deuteron, triton, helium, and alpha emission are calculated and analyzed for n + 180,182,183,184,186,natW at incident neutron energies from 0.1 to 250 MeV based on the nuclear model theory, which combines the optical model, the unified Hauser-Feshbach theory and exciton model, and the coupled channel theory. Theoretical calculations are compared with existing experimental data and other evaluated data from ENDF/B6.8 and JENDL-3.3.

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