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Description of the LANCER02 Lattice Physics Code for Single-Assembly and Multibundle Analysis

Dave Knott, Erin Wehlage

Nuclear Science and Engineering / Volume 155 / Number 3 / March 2007 / Pages 331-354

Technical Paper / Mathematics and Computation, Supercomputing, Reactor Physics and Nuclear and Biological Applications /

This paper presents a description of the lattice physics code LANCER02, developed for use on boiling water reactor fuel designs at Global Nuclear Fuel and General Electric Energy, Nuclear. Included in the paper is a detailed description of the methodology used to determine the neutron flux distribution throughout the problem. The paper focuses on single-assembly analysis as well as multibundle analysis along a plane of a reactor core. A small sampling of results from the lattice physics code are compared against results generated by continuous-energy Monte Carlo analysis.

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