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Modeling and Neutron-Induced Fission Cross Sections for Americium

D. Rochman, M. Herman, P. Oblozinský, M. Sin

Nuclear Science and Engineering / Volume 154 / Number 3 / November 2006 / Pages 280-293

Technical Paper /

Neutron-induced fission cross sections for eight americium isotopes (A = 239 to 244) are predicted with the nuclear reaction model code EMPIRE-2.19. The code incorporates advanced fission modeling, presented by describing the implementation of barrier penetration, transmission mechanism, and decay probabilities. The fission cross-section calculations for americium isotopes are compared to experimental data and evaluations from the ENDF/B-VI.8, JEFF-3.1, JENDL-3.3, or preliminary ENDF/B-VII libraries when available. An analysis of the first and second fission barrier heights validates the existing systematic trend for odd and even neutron numbers.

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