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Investigation of the Ramsauer Model for the Prediction of Neutron Cross Sections Below 120 MeV

R. S. Gowda, S. Ganesan

Nuclear Science and Engineering / Volume 152 / Number 1 / January 2006 / Pages 23-28

Technical Paper /

Recently, an experimentally determinable quantity that can directly test the validity of the Ramsauer model for cross-section prediction was proposed by Azam and Gowda and investigated for 208Pb for neutron energies below 60 MeV. Results of further "relative differential shape-elastic cross-section" investigations proposed earlier are investigated in this paper for the most forward direction. The present investigations cover several nuclides for neutron energies from 1 to 120 MeV. The nuclides studied include some 19 (near-) spherical nuclei ranging from 40Ca to 209Bi studied earlier by Bauer et al. in their studies on the Ramsauer model. Ramsauer model predictions of relative differential shape-elastic cross sections for the most forward direction are compared with those obtained from the SCAT2 spherical optical model (SOM) code. The SOM potential, for neutrons and protons, developed by Koning and Delaroche has been employed for the investigations. Easy parameterizability of the 0-deg relative differential shape-elastic cross section in terms of its Ramsauer model expression and its possible application are briefly presented and discussed.

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