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Monte Carlo Modeling of High-Energy Film Radiography

Arthur C. Miller, Jr., Joseph L. Cochran, Vincent E. Lamberti

Nuclear Science and Engineering / Volume 149 / Number 2 / February 2005 / Pages 115-123

Technical Paper /

High-energy film radiography methods, adapted in the past to performing specific tasks, must now meet increasing demands to identify defects and perform critical measurements in a wide variety of manufacturing processes. Although film provides unequaled resolution for most components and assemblies, image quality must be enhanced with much more detailed information to identify problems and qualify features of interest inside manufactured items. The work described is concerned with improving current 9-MeV nondestructive practice by optimizing the important parameters involved in film radiography using computational methods. To follow important scattering effects produced by electrons, the Monte Carlo N-Particle transport code was used with advanced, highly parallel computer systems. The work has provided a more detailed understanding of latent image formation at high X-ray energies, and suggests that improvements can be made in our ability to identify defects and to obtain much more detail in images of fine features.

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