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BOT3P - Bologna Transport Analysis Pre-Post-Processors Version 3.0

Roberto Orsi

Nuclear Science and Engineering / Volume 146 / Number 2 / February 2004 / Pages 248-255

Technical Note /

BOT3P is a set of standard FORTRAN 77 language programs developed at the ENEA-Bologna Nuclear Data Centre. BOT3P Version 1.0 was originally conceived to give the users of the DORT and TORT deterministic transport codes some useful diagnostic tools to prepare and to check their input data files. BOT3P Version 3.0 contains some important additions in the input geometrical model description, such as "rod" and "hexagonal" geometrical objects, respecting the exact cross-sectional area value and very suitable to describe a reactor lattice in detail. Moreover, it has extended the possibility to produce the geometrical, material distribution, and fixed neutron source data for the deterministic transport codes TWODANT and THREEDANT of the DANTSYS system and for the PARTISN code too, starting from the same input to BOT3P. When users require X-Y-Z TORT/THREEDANT/PARTISN mesh grids to be generated, BOT3P Version 3.0 produces a geometrical input for the MCNP Monte Carlo transport code also, where the MCNP cells correspond to the X-Y-Z bodies created for TORT.

BOT3P Version 3.0 lets users specify areas/volumes of the model where the zone/material distribution can be defined not only by a combinatorial geometry but also by an external source, such as one originated from computerized tomography scan data (only for three-dimensional applications) and from one or more external DORT/TORT input files. BOT3P was developed on a DIGITAL UNIX ALPHA 500/333 workstation and successfully used in some complex neutron shielding and criticality benchmarks. It was also tested on Red Hat Linux 7.1 and is designed to run on most UNIX platforms. All BOT3P versions are publicly available from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development/Nuclear Energy Agency Data Bank (NEA-1627, NEA-1678).

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