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BOT3P: Bologna Transport Analysis Pre-Post-Processors Version 1.0

Roberto Orsi

Nuclear Science and Engineering / Volume 142 / Number 3 / November 2002 / Pages 349-354

Technical Note /

BOT3P is a set of standard FORTRAN 77 language programs that were developed at the ENEA-Bologna Nuclear Data Centre. BOT3P aims to give the users of the DORT and TORT deterministic transport codes some useful diagnostic tools to prepare and to check their input data files. It also includes some plotting programs that can be employed both as preprocessors and as postprocessors of a transport analysis. The BOT3P plotting programs use the RSCORS Graphics System subroutines, included in the DOORS-3.3 and earlier software package together with the Oak Ridge National Laboratory DORT and TORT transport codes.

BOT3P was developed on a DIGITAL UNIX ALPHA 500/333 workstation and successfully used in some complex applications such as the VENUS-1 and VENUS-3 neutron shielding benchmarks. BOT3P was tested on an IBM RS/6000 workstation also and is designed to run on most UNIX platforms.

The following programs are included in the package: GGDM, DDM, GGTM, DTM2, DTM3, and RVARSCL. GGDM and GGTM generate the geometrical and material entries for DORT and TORT, respectively. DDM is a DORT graphics pre/post processor. DTM2 and DTM3 are graphics pre/post processors showing cuts and three-dimensional views of the TORT model, respectively. RVARSCL reads DORT/TORT "VARSCL" sequential format files and selects and writes the data required by the user in new files to be visualized by DDM, DTM2, and DTM3 as postprocessor applications.

The package is publicly available from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development/Nuclear Energy Agency Data Bank (NEA-1627).

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