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Photon Leakage from Spherical and Hemispherical Samples with a Central 14-MeV Neutron Source

A. I. Saukov, B. I. Sukhanov, A. M. Ryabinin, V. D. Lyutov, V. M. Shmakov, A. P. Vasiliev

Nuclear Science and Engineering / Volume 142 / Number 2 / October 2002 / Pages 158-164

Technical Paper /

Photon leakage spectra from thick spherical samples of various materials with a central 14-MeV neutron source were measured. Significant disagreement was revealed between the experiments and calculations as well as between calculations using the data libraries ENDF/B5, ENDF/B6, and ENDL-85. In this paper the experimental and calculated data for samples of Al, Ti, Fe, Zr, and Pb are given. The analysis of experimental errors and reasons for the disagreement is carried out. Corrections of some widespread gamma-production data for fast neutrons are proposed.

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