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Radiological Hazard of Spallation Products in Accelerator-Driven System

M. Saito, A. Stankovskii, V. Artisyuk, Yu. Korovin, A. Shmelev, Yu. Titarenko

Nuclear Science and Engineering / Volume 142 / Number 1 / September 2002 / Pages 22-36

Technical Paper /

The central issue underlying this paper is related to elucidating the hazard of radioactive spallation products that might be an important factor affecting the design option of accelerator-driven systems (ADSs). Hazard analysis based on the concept of Annual Limit on Intake identifies alpha-emitting isotopes of rare earths (REs) (dysprosium, gadolinium, and samarium) as the dominant contributors to the overall toxicity of traditional (W, Pb, Pb-Bi) targets. The matter is addressed from several points of view: code validation to simulate their yields, choice of material for the neutron producing targets, and challenging the beam type. The paper quantitatively determines the domain in which the toxicity of REs exceeds that of polonium activation products broadly discussed now in connection with advertising lead-bismuth technology for the needs of ADSs.

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