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Nuclear Model Calculations for the Excitation Functions of Neutron-Induced Reactions on 58Ni in the Energy Range up to 20 MeV

K. Gul

Nuclear Science and Engineering / Volume 140 / Number 1 / January 2002 / Pages 103-110

Technical Paper /

Calculations for the excitation functions of the 58Ni(n, )55Fe reaction, including those of the ground and first states of 55Fe, 58Ni(n, p+p)54Mn, 58Ni(n,2n)57Ni, 58Ni(n,n')58Ni, and 58Ni(n,np+pn)57Co reactions were carried out using nuclear reaction model codes. The results have been compared with reported measurements and evaluations. The available data on the 58Ni(n,n')58Ni, 58Ni(n,2n)57Ni, and 58Ni(n,np+pn+d)57Co reactions are described well by using the single-particle model for the calculation of gamma-ray transition probabilities of the excited states of 58Ni.

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