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Radial Moment Calculations of Coupled Electron-Photon Beams

Brian C. Franke, Edward W. Larsen

Nuclear Science and Engineering / Volume 140 / Number 1 / January 2002 / Pages 1-22

Technical Paper /

We consider the steady-state transport of normally incident pencil beams of radiation in slabs of material. A method has been developed for determining the exact radial moments of three-dimensional (3-D) beams of radiation as a function of depth into the slab, by solving systems of one-dimensional (1-D) transport equations. We implement these radial-moment equations in the ONEBFP discrete ordinates code and simulate energy-dependent, coupled electron-photon beams using CEPXS-generated cross sections. Modified PN synthetic acceleration is employed to speed up the iterative convergence of the 1-D charged-particle calculations. For high-energy photon beams, a hybrid Monte Carlo/discrete ordinates method is examined. We demonstrate the efficiency of the calculations and make comparisons with 3-D Monte Carlo calculations. Thus, by solving 1-D transport equations, we obtain realistic multidimensional information concerning the broadening of electron-photon beams. This information is relevant to fields such as industrial radiography, medical imaging, radiation oncology, particle accelerators, and lasers.

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