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Dynamic Monte Carlo Method for Nuclear Reactor Kinetics Calculations

Bart L. Sjenitzer, J. Eduard Hoogenboom

Nuclear Science and Engineering / Volume 175 / Number 1 / September 2013 / Pages 94-107

Technical Paper /

In nuclear reactor physics, deterministic and hybrid calculation methods dominate the field of transient analysis. This implies that important safety assessments are subject to many approximations, which are needed by these methods. This paper proposes the Dynamic Monte Carlo method (Dynamic MC), which solves the coupled Boltzmann and kinetic equations with exact geometry and continuous energy, using only Monte Carlo techniques.

For Dynamic MC a number of new techniques are developed, e.g., precursor tracking, forced decay for precursors, and the branchless method. Also, the particle source of the simulation has to be determined differently from what is current standard Monte Carlo practice, and the simulation scheme is adapted.

A few example cases are simulated, demonstrating the effectiveness of Dynamic MC. The sample cases vary from simple homogeneous systems to full fuel assemblies with an asymmetric flux profile during the transient. Since Dynamic MC is implemented in the general-purpose Monte Carlo code Tripoli, it can be applied to any geometry.

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