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Measurements of Isomeric Cross Sections for (n,) Reaction on 144Sm Isotope for Neutrons Around 14 MeV

Iskender Atilla Reyhancan, Ayse Durusoy

Nuclear Science and Engineering / Volume 174 / Number 2 / June 2013 / Pages 202-207

Technical Papers

In this study, the activation cross sections were, first, measured for the 144Sm(n,)141mNd reaction at six different neutron energies from 13.57 to 14.83 MeV. The fast neutrons were produced by using a neutron generator, through the 3H(2H,n)4He reaction. The cyclic activation technique was used as the irradiation and counting method. Induced gamma activities were measured using a high-resolution gamma-ray spectrometer equipped with a high-purity germanium detector. In the cross-section measurements, corrections were made regarding the effects of gamma-ray attenuation, dead time, fluctuation of neutron flux, and low-energy neutrons. The measured cross sections were compared with the results of model calculations (TALYS code).

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