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Neutron Activation Property of Colemanite-Peridotite Concrete

Koichi Okuno, Hideaki Matsue, Satoru Miyata, Yoshiaki Kiyanagi

Nuclear Science and Engineering / Volume 173 / Number 2 / February 2013 / Pages 139-149

Technical Paper /

Trace element analysis using instrumental neutron activation analysis for neutron shield concrete made from colemanite and peridotite rocks is carried out. Also, an activation estimation for the concrete wall in the accelerator neutron source facility is calculated using the obtained element data. The results show that the amount of short-half-life nuclide production in the neutron shield concrete is ˜1/100 that of limestone concrete and also that the amount of 60Co production is 1/5 to 1/8 that of limestone concrete. From these results, the activation property of the neutron shield concrete was found to be much less than that of the limestone concrete, which has been previously reported as having low activation.

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