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Analysis of the Consequences of an Acute Atmospheric Release of Tritium

Philippe Guétat, Luc Patryl

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 48 / Number 1 / July/August 2005 / Pages 441-446

Technical Paper / Tritium Science and Technology - Containment, Safety, and Environment

Within the IAEA program EMRAS, an analysis of the consequences of an acute atmospheric release of tritium (10g) is performed. This study aims at giving practical guidance to decision-makers in the case of severe release depending on the circumstances of the accident and will be useful for authorities to reduce, if necessary, the consequences of such a release.

Our analysis establishes a classification of different pathways; defines the importance of the different parameters; assists in the definition of a post-release monitoring and emergency plan; and gives an evaluation of what is required to return to a normal situation.

The difference between the various chemical forms of tritium is addressed.

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