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A Compact Diffusion Sampler for Environmental Applications Requiring HTO or HTO + HT Determinations

R. L. Otlet, A. J. Walker, I. D. Mather

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 48 / Number 1 / July/August 2005 / Pages 366-369

Technical Paper / Tritium Science and Technology - Tritium Measurement, Monitoring, and Accountancy

Passive diffusion samplers have now been in use in the UK for the measurement of tritium at environmental levels in the form of HTO and HTO + HT for more than ten years. At the outset their main purpose was to identify the direction of a possible inadvertent release of tritium into the environment. More recently, however, there has been growing interest in their use as stand-alone devices for tritium determination at environmental levels. This has necessitated a more rigorous design to reduce the "draughts effect" in exposed locations and has also required modifications to enable the measurement of HTO + HT.

The paper describes the recent design improvements and the results of validation tests carried out against dynamic, discriminating (dry-bed) samplers.

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