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Plasma Control in Tore Supra

Ph. Moreau, S. Bremond, D. Douai, A. Geraud, P. Hertout, M. Lennholm, D. Mazon, F. Saint-Laurent, Tore Supra Team

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 56 / Number 3 / October 2009 / Pages 1284-1299

Technical Papers / Tore Supra Special Issue /

The Tore Supra tokamak is devoted to long-duration, high-performance plasma research. The real-time measurements and control (RTMC) system has been developed to address the basic tokamak controls, such as plasma equilibrium and density control. Over the years, more and more sophisticated and demanding controls have been implemented, allowing the improvement of plasma performance and machine protection. This includes current profile control to enhance the performance and to avoid magnetohydrodynamic instabilities, infrared monitoring of plasma-facing components to prevent overheating, and disruption detection and mitigation techniques. Most of these improvements are relevant to the plasma operation in a full steady-state regime. This paper describes the present status of the Tore Supra RTMC system, detailing recent progress and highlighting the advantages of the various control schemes implemented so far.

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