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The Use of Liquid Ga and Li as Limiter Material in T-3M and T-11M Tokamaks

S. V. Mirnov, V. A. Evtikhin

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 47 / Number 3 / April 2005 / Pages 698-702

Technical Paper / Fusion Energy - Divertor and Plasma-Facing Components /

The experimental study of liquid metal tokamak limiters was undertaken in Russian T-3M and T-11M tokamaks (Ip 100kA BT [is approximately equal to] 1T) between 1990-2004. In T-3M droplet stream and film flow Ga limiters were tested. In T-11M the experiments with Li Capillary Pore Systems (CPS) as rail limiter for investigation of real Li erosion in typical tokamak boundary condition (Te = 30 ± 10 eV, Pload = 10 MW/m2, D, He plasma) were performed. It was shown, that use of a liquid metal as material of tokamak limiter has not a serious physical obstacles.

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