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Tritium Self-Sufficiency and Neutron Shielding Performance of Self-Cooled Liquid Blanket System for Helical Reactor

Teruya Tanaka, Takeo Muroga, Akio Sagara

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 47 / Number 3 / April 2005 / Pages 530-534

Technical Paper / Fusion Energy - First Wall, Blanket, and Shield /

Compatibility between tritium self-sufficiency and neutron shielding performance of self-cooled liquid blanket systems without solid neutron multiplier was investigated for the purpose of application to the conceptual helical reactor design of modified FFHR2 having the blanket space of 120 cm. The results of the neutronics calculation indicated that all of the Li/V-alloy, Flibe/V-alloy and Flibe/JLF-1 (Reduced Activation Ferritic steel) blankets are feasible for tritium breeding ability and neutron shielding performance. With the use of vanadium alloys, operation efficiency will be enhanced.

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