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He I Line Intensity Ratio Method for Electron Density and Temperature Measurements in Multi-Purpose Plasma (MP2)

Jong-Ha Lee, Won-Ha Ko, Dong-Cheol Seo, Young-Woo Kim, Jung-Sik Yoon

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 55 / Number 2T / February 2009 / Pages 100-105

Technical Paper / Seventh International Conference on Open Magnetic Systems for Plasma Confinement /

The Hanbit mirror device has been renovated as Multi-Purpose Plasma (MP2) facility for the divertor plasma simulation, space propulsion, and astrophysical researches. The intensity ratios of He I emission lines are used to determine electron density and temperature in MP2. The He I line ratios are measured by optical emission spectroscopy and are calculated using the collisional-radiative equilibrium model. The measured He I line ratios are 706.52 nm / 728.13 nm for electron temperature and 728.13 nm / 667.82 nm for electron density determination, respectively. The results obtained from the collisional-radiative equilibrium model are crosschecked with those of electrical probe measurement.

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