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Development of ITER Divertor Vertical Target with Annular Flow Concept - I: Thermal-Hydraulic Characteristics of Annular Swirl Tube

K. Ezato, M. Dairaku, M. Taniguchi, K. Sato, S. Suzuki, M. Akiba, C. Ibbott, R. Tivey

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 46 / Number 4 / December 2004 / Pages 521-529

Technical Paper /

Thermal-hydraulic tests for pressurized water in an annular tube with a twist fin have been performed to examine its applicability to high-heat-flux components of the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) divertor. The annular swirl tube consists of two concentric tubes: an outer smooth tube and an inner tube with an external twist fin to enhance heat transfer of the cooling water in the annulus section between the outer and the inner tubes. Critical heat flux (CHF) tests under one-sided-heating conditions show that the annular swirl tube has as high removal limitation as the conventional swirl tube, the dimensions of which are similar to those of the outer tube of the annular swirl tube. A minimum axial velocity of 7.1 m/s is required for 28 MW/m2, the ITER design value. Pressure drops in the annulus section and the end return have been measured. The applicability of the existing correlations for heat transfer and CHF to the annular swirl tube has also been examined.

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