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Simulation of a Discharge for the NCSX Stellarator

Edward A. Lazarus, Michael C. Zarnstorff, Stuart R. Hudson, Long-Poe Ku, Douglas C. McCune, David R. Mikkelsen, Donald A. Monticello, Neil Pomphrey, Allen H. Reiman

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 46 / Number 1 / July 2004 / Pages 209-214

Technical Paper / Stellarators /

It is demonstrated that there exists a plausible evolution of the discharge from the vacuum state to the desired high beta state with the self-consistent bootstrap current profile. The discharge evolution preserves stability and has adequate quasi axisymmetry along this trajectory. The study takes advantage of the quasi-axisymmetric nature of the device to model the evolution of flux and energy in two dimensions. The plasma confinement is modeled to be consistent with empirical scaling. The ohmic circuit, the plasma density, and the timing of the neutral beam heating control the poloidal flux evolution. The resulting pressure and current density profiles are then used in a three-dimensional optimization to find the desired sequence of equilibria. In order to obtain this sequence, active control of the helical and poloidal fields is required. These results are consistent with the planned power systems for the magnets.

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